About Bartertown

As one of South Africa’s first online bartering websites and having traded over the last five years from the normal brick and mortar stores, Bartertown has been buying, selling, and trading goods throughout South Africa. This has occurred across the range of items from vehicles, to tools, boats, businesses and loads more. Our team of dedicated spotters find the best deals and we negotiate with you ensuring BEST VALUE FOR MONEY and we meet our clients needs.

The year has been a tough one for everyone with COVID-19,2020 settling in, creating a global pandemic. This has caused business to re-think the way we work with employees working from home, large rental units being reduced to mere storage facilities and in many cases businesses both small and large closing down.

Our philosophy was re-define the way we work ……………………..

Working from an online platform was the solution, reduced rentals the answer and our teams work remotely to benefit families. In a true African Culture we created an online system that allows you to start your own online business by registering as a vendor or even to sell/trade that once off item. Buy, sell or even barter something of value to get what you want, what you need and enjoy doing it.

Look for our monthly auction items and BID before you lose the deal …………..