• Click on the “Open your online store today” or Register as a vendor button.
  • Select a suitable plan that suits you as an individual or business
  • Complete the registration form, accept the terms and conditions and click register
  • If you selected a paid package you will then be directed to a page in order to pay for your store
  • Confirm your details and click on the register button
  • You will be redirected to Payfast in order to pay for your store
  • Once payment is complete you will be returned to Bartertown and have the option of going to your dashboard or setting up your store

Store setup will allow you to setup your store, shipping options, store policies etc

  • Store
    • ​Here you will setup our store name, email, contact number, upload your store logo and the banner for your store page, description and views.
  • Location
    • Here you will set your store location
  • Payment
    • Select Bank Transfer as the method you wish to be paid for sales of your products
  • Shipping
    • ​​There are a number of shipping methods available: By Zone (shiipng cost by province), Shipping by country, Shipping by distance and Shipping by weight
      • Shipping by zone
        • Select whether you want to enable shipping or not
        • Select the processing time (how long from receiving order till shipping)
        • Select shipping by zone
        • Under each zone (province) you ship to click on the province name
        • Clik Add Shipping Methods then in the popup select the Shipping method of Flat Rate, Local pickup or Free Shipping
        • Click on edit under each shipping method selected and in the popup complete the relevant details and costs.
        • Once completed click Back to Zones to edit the other zones
      • Shipping by Country
        • ​Complete the required fields with the relevant default costs
        • Select the country as South Africa and the default shipping cost
        • A cost per province can also be added
      • Shipping by Weight
        • ​Select the Country and then select whether the cost is per unit (Rx per kg) or based on rules (Cost up to x kg's or over x kg's) Here you can define as many rules as required.
      • Shipping by distance
        • ​Select a default cost and the maximum distance ships to
        • Set up distance rules with price based on cost up to x km or cost over x km Here you can define as many distance rules as required
  • SEO
    • Here you can setup your stores SEO Title, Description and Keywords as well as your Facebook and Twitter links
  • Store Policies
    • Here you can set your stores Shipping, Refund and Cancelation/Refund/Echange policies using the text editor 
  • Customer Support
    • If these differ from your main store contact details you can set them here
  • Store Hours
    • You can use this if you only want your store to be available at certain times of the day and customers not allowed to purchase items when your store is closed
  • Analytics Region
    • If you want to track visitors to your store from only certain regions then select the main region
  • Vacation Mode
    • Use this if you are not going to be able to process orders for a certain period of time and want to temporarily close your store. You can set it to close immediately until you open it again or select a certain time period when it will automatically close
    • You can set wether purchases can be made while closed or not

Within the Vendor dashboard go to products

  • Add a product
    • Click the Add new button
    • Select the product type:
      • Simple product – a basic product with no variations
      • Variable product – a product with variables such as colour or size where each variation can have a different price
      • Grouped product – a product that can only be purchased with another product
      • Auction – a product you want to auction
    • Add a price and if required a sale price
    • Provide a short and full description
    • On the right hand side upload the product images, select the category and brand
    • Inventory – If you want to control stock of your product complete the necessary fields
    • Shipping – complete the weight and size if you selected to ship by wieght. Select the shipping class and processing time
    • Attributes – If the product has different attributes then select them
    • Linked products – Select other products to cross and upsell to customers
    • Product policies – If there are specific policies for this product that are different to your store products insert them here
  • Edit Products
    • ​Click on the product you want to edit and edit the necessary fields

Once you have sold products and wish to request a payout go to your vendor dashboard and select Payments. This will show you all the invoices from your sales and the applicable charges. Click on the Withdrawal button and a request will be made to Bartertown for a payout of the funds sue to you.

You might be asked to confirm delivbery of all products sold

Customers can request a support request to communicate with you regarding your products. Once you receive a notification of a support request you can go to the vendor dashboard then select Support. You will be able to view the request and reply to it here

When customers leave a review of your products you will be notified by email and be able to view and approve them by going to the vendor dashboard then selecting reviews.